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I am a Human Computer Interaction (HCI) researcher with a background in engineering, computer science and design. My work exemplifies and advocates for a human-centred approach to digital technology targeting the areas of greatest human need including growing rates of chronic and co-morbid physical and mental illness nationally and globally.

My teaching and research is driven by the desire to achieve a real-world impact on healthcare. Through my own, and my students’ research, I seek to transform not only how we develop but engage with and experience digital technology — an impact I have demonstrated through a decade of national and international academic and industry collaborations spanning England, Ireland and Denmark.

I currently hold a dual role as a PostDoctoral Researcher at the Copenhagen Center for Health Technology at the Technical University of Denmark, and an Associate Public Health Researcher at Copenhagen University; where my research focuses on the design of mobile technologies to support the practice of mental healthcare through primary care [curriculum vitae].