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I am an Assistant Professor of Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) at University College Dublin’s School of Information and Communication Studies. My work focuses on the design and development of new and improved health and mental healthcare technologies, including novel digital therapeutics, new means of leveraging health data to support care for chronic, co-morbid conditions, and the practice of in-situ design research for clinical and everyday impact.

My teaching and research exemplifies and advocates for a human-centred approach to digital technology targeting the areas of greatest human need, and is driven in particular by the desire to achieve a real-world impact on healthcare. Through my own, and my students’ research, I seek to transform not only how we develop but engage with and experience digital technology, often in partnership with academic, industry and clinical collaborators spanning England, Ireland, France and Denmark.

I am a member of the Association for Computing Machinery, ACM SIGCHI, SIGCHI Ireland and the HCI@UCD research group, regular contributor to the Informatics Europe Academic Leadership and CHI Emotionally Demanding Research communities, and hold adjunct research positions at the Technical University of Denmark and Copenhagen University [curriculum vitae].