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I teach a human-centred approach to technology development, from core computer science competencies to cutting edge digital health technology design and innovation methods.

My teaching is grounded in the fundamental didactic concepts of dialogue- and problem-based learning as well as learning-focused teaching. Embracing a learn-by-doing ethos, my students learn through group-based and community-centred project work elevating students' capacity and confidence to engage with, reflect upon and resolve complex, real-world problems of technology design. I see technology as deeply embedded in our daily lives, and in turn a human-centred computer science as an ethical imperative requiring a teaching practice which speaks to our most human values, embraces a resistance to technological solutionism, and strives to elevate students', as the university's, capacity to make a difference.

  • Human-Centred Health Technology Design | 2242/2245
    5 ECTS BSc Course | January 2022
    Health Technology Department, Technical University of Denmark

  • Designing for Engagement in Mobile Games | Special Course
    5 ECTS MSc Course | January 2021
    Health Technology Department, Technical University of Denmark

PhD Students
  • Giovanna Vilaza | site
    Designing Respectful Health Data Flows Centred on Data Contributors' Perspectives
    Technical University of Denmark (2022)

MSc Students
  • Jacob Aagaard | site
    Miria Clausen Knudsen | site

    Designing Healthy, Highly-Engaging Mobile Game Experiences
    Technical University of Denmark (2021)
  • Margarita Genova | site
    Nermeen Ghoniem | site

    Designing for the Mobile App Engagement University Students Desire
    Technical University of Denmark (2020)